March 2023 - Oxnard City Council District 6
Francine Castañon for Oxnard City Council District 6

January 2023 - ADEM

We endorsed 10 candidates across Ventura County for the 2023 ADEM election

These candidates supported housing in our questionnaire, showing they would be allies in the state and county Democratic Party.

Assembly District 38:

AD38 is represented by Steve Bennett and includes Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Port Hueneme, Ojai, Naval Base Ventura County, and portions of Camarillo.

Assembly District 42:

AD42 is represented by Jacqui Irwin and includes Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Calabasas, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, Malibu, Topanga, and portions of Camarillo, Santa Monica and West Los Angeles.

November 2022

Gabe Teran for Oxnard City Council District 2

Joe Ayala for Simi Valley Mayor

Sean Weisman for Simi Valley City Council District 2

Kyle Rohrbach for Thousand Oaks City Council

Bill McReynolds for Ventura City Council District 5

January 2021

We endorsed 16 candidates across Ventura County for the 2021 ADEM election

These candidates supported housing in our questionnaire, showing they would be allies in the state and county Democratic Party. Learn more about this important election in our blog post.

Congratulations to our endorsed winners: Diana Sparagna, Phil Loos, Anthony Mireles, and Mercy Urrea!

Assembly District 37

AD37 is represented by Steve Bennet and includes Fillmore, Ojai, Santa Paula, Ventura, part of Oxnard, and parts of Santa Barbara County.

Assembly District 38

AD38 is represented by Suzette Martinez Valladares and includes Simi Valley and parts of Los Angeles County.

Assembly District 44

AD44 is represented by Jacqui Irwin and includes Camarillo, Moorpark, Oak Park, Port Hueneme, Thousand Oaks, part of Oxnard, and parts of Los Angeles County.

* VC YIMBY members are starred.

Candidate questionnaire responses

20 ADEM candidates from the three Ventura County districts completed our questionnaire.

November 2020

We endorsed nine candidates and took stances on five ballot measures across Ventura County

These candidates have demonstrated a commitment to address Ventura County's housing shortage through their responses to our questionnaire, and many have a proven track record. We're thrilled to support them in our first round of endorsements.

Congratulations to our endorsed winners: Carmen Ramirez, John Zaragoza, Oscar Madrigal, and Doug Halter!

County Supervisor, District 5: CARMEN RAMIREZ

As Oxnard's Mayor Pro Tem, Ramirez has consistently supported housing projects, accessory dwelling unit streamlining, and homelessness services. She has demonstrated intent to bring inclusive housing policy to the entire county, saying in our questionnaire that farmworkers, disabled people and senior "are too often priced out and have to live in miserable and overcrowded conditions, which leads to the fraying of our society."

Camarillo City Council, District 4: HEATHER SCHMIDT

Schmidt is exceptionally knowledgeable and supportive of all areas of housing and transportation reform, from the history and consequences of exclusionary zoning to the legislation and local actions that can make our communities more safe and affordable. She believes adding housing of all types is the key to affordability, saying in our questionnaire that she is "definitely in support of legalizing residential buildings up to five stories near major transit jobs and in job-rich areas...I also believe that a diversity of affordable housing options mixed in through out the single family home communities...is the right way to go." We agree!

Ojai City Council, District 4: JERI BECKER

Becker started off her questionnaire response by saying, "There is a housing crisis. I know, I see it daily...This crisis will not only affect every individual but also our City's financial health, and the health of our businesses. Let’s make smart decisions that give Ojai a chance to continue to be livable and healthy." From lobbying Sacramento to allow housing on church property, to proposing housing developments near transit, to advocating reduced fees on low-income housing, Becker has supported housing from many angles, and would bring that perspective to making Ojai more inclusive. 


A current Ventura County supervisor and former Oxnard councilmember, Zaragoza has considerable experience working on local issues and supporting projects that provide needed housing to the city and county.

Oxnard City Council, District 3: OSCAR MADRIGAL

Madrigal connects housing segregation to school segregation, saying in our questionnaire, "As a teacher, I see this everyday." The current office holder, he has shown a commitment to bringing down housing costs, and would continue to do so if re-elected. 

Santa Paula City Council: MARGAUX BANGS

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Bangs understands the importance of growth and development to ensure cities thrive.  Her answers to our candidate questionnaire were pro housing, and she has made affordable housing and rents a key part of her campaign.

Simi Valley Mayor: JOE AYALA

Ayala, a veteran and union negotiator, is currently running to unseat anti-housing Simi Valley mayor Keith Mashburn.  Having grown up working class, Ayala understands the hardships renters face.  He has stated he is looking to increase the development of missing middle housing to house Simi Valley’s workforce, saying in our questionnaire that, "All people need affordable homes where they can feel safe and secure in their community."

Thousand Oaks City Council: DANNY CHULACK

Chulack has made housing a top campaign issue, especially for students, seniors, and people experiencing homelessness. He recognizes that protecting Thousand Oaks's open space is not in conflict with addressing the housing shortage. He said in our questionnaire, "I am committed to building more affordable housing in the city."

Ventura City Council, District 2: DOUG HALTER

Halter deeply understands the causes and consequences of our housing shortage, and supports housing at all levels, especially infill. In our questionnaire, he said, "Affordable housing; infill construction before considering any encroachment on farmland and higher density...are a big part of the solutions we need and my desire to run for office." He has also served the community as a commissioner and board member of several organizations, bringing him the experience, knowledge, and disposition to get more housing built in Ventura.

We also recommend positions on these five ballot measures. These support housing and transportation services, raise revenue through equitable taxation, and avoid vehicle-centric planning.

California Proposition 15: YES

Proposition 15 closes $12 billion in tax loopholes for wealthy corporations across the state, and designates the funds for essential local services in every county, including our schools, health care services, housing for the homeless, firefighters, safe drinking water, and disaster preparedness. The measure exempts homeowners, renters, small businesses and agricultural land, and prioritizes transparency and accountability by requiring public disclosure of all new revenues and how they are spent.

Oxnard Measure E: YES

Amid extraordinary budget shortfalls due to the pandemic, cities need funding to continue critical services. This 1½¢ sales tax will maintain critical homelessness services and other priorities. 

Ventura USD Measure H: YES

This four-year renewal of a $59 parcel tax would fund a range of academic programs. We're especially fond of parcel taxes since they tax single family homes more than apartments (apartment complexes are treated as single parcels), making this a pro-housing way to help our children succeed.

Ojai USD Measure K: YES

This local bond will levy a 0.027 percent property tax to fund schools. We believe that this is an important set of programs to fund, and that property taxes are a just way of funding them, especially given the rise in Ojai property values.

Oxnard Measure N: NO

Measure N holds city services hostage on vehicle infrastructure, promising to deny sales tax revenue if pavement standards aren't met. Threatening the city's safety and security by cutting off funding for fire and emergency response is grotesque, especially for the sole purpose of making driving more pleasant.

Candidate questionnaire responses

25 candidates for city council, mayor, and county supervisor races across Ventura County completed our questionnaire. Select them with the drop-down below to read their responses.