Ventura County YIMBY

We're saying "yes" to housing in Ventura County

The problem

Housing costs, homelessness, and auto emissions are rising in Ventura County.

The crisis is unprecedented and felt all over California. We have the highest poverty rate of any state in the country. After years of decline, our air pollution is now rising faster than any region in the country. Increasingly long commutes are destroying quality of life and pushing people into fire zones.

The solution

We need more homes. We believe the common thread in these problems is a lack of housing, caused by restrictive zoning codes, long and uncertain permitting processes, and disproportionate development fees. While California is number one in poverty, we're number 50 in homes per adult. We're short at least 3 million homes, and our production is slowing.

More homes would make housing more affordable, reduce homelessness, and cut back on commutes. With more housing options, such as the dense, mixed-use homes near transit and jobs currently in such short supply, residents wouldn't have to drive as far to get to their workplace or services. We'd be left with a cleaner, safer environment, a more vibrant economy, and more inclusive and welcoming communities.

Our priorities

Advocate pro-housing legislation at the state level

Support pro-housing legislation and legislators within Ventura County

Speak out for individual housing projects

Current projects

Pro-housing statewide legislation for the new legislative session, such as legalizing duplexes statewide, streamlining rezonings, and reducing parking mandates will create more affordable housing in Ventura County and beyond. We are lobbying legislators to pass these important bills next year.

Get in touch

Whether you want to advocate housing to your local officials, connect with other organizations, engage in grassroots organizing, or just want to learn more, we'd love to hear from you!

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